Breaking the Chains of Inflation: Fight for Affordable UK Living

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At Fight2Survive, we’re driven by a profound commitment to alleviating the financial strain experienced by families across the United Kingdom. Our organization, Fight2Survive, emerged as a beacon of hope and change in the face of this growing crisis. We believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to thrive without being weighed down by economic challenges. Through our dedicated campaign, we’re rallying communities, families, and citizens to unite against these rising costs.

Our mission encompasses more than just addressing the symptoms of inflation; it’s about creating sustainable change for a brighter future. We’re working tirelessly to raise awareness, advocate for fair pricing, and implement actionable solutions that directly counter the impact of inflation on daily lives.

Phase 4: From Streets to Parliament

Embarking on a pivotal chapter in our movement, we introduce ‘From Streets to Parliament’—a bold leap forward with the Reform UK party. This phase marks a transformative journey for Fight2Survive, led by Prabhdeep Singh. Together, we’re not just advocating from the outside; we’re stepping into the arena of decision-making to champion the causes closest to our hearts.

Phase 2: #NO 2 ULez

As London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) gears up for an expanded rollout in August 2023, our Phase 2 campaign, “No to ULEZ,” takes center stage in advocating for the concerns of the everyday citizen. With each passing day, the cost of living crisis looms larger, burdening families and individuals across the city. The ULEZ, with its daily fee of £12.50, translates to an annual cost of approximately £4,500 – a significant financial strain that raises questions about affordability, fairness, and the impact on vulnerable communities.

Prabhdeep Singh on a 7 day hunger strike against ulez

" Listen to the People "

In a powerful display of conviction, our Prabhdeep Singh, a British Army veteran and former Royal Army Dental Corp member, has embarked on a 7-day hunger strike to protest the expansion of Sadiq Khan’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). The ULEZ, characterized by its £12.50 daily clean-air tax, has stirred substantial controversy, particularly for its impending expansion across London.

Mr. Singh’s hunger strike is a poignant plea against the ULEZ expansion, which he views as an additional burden on those already grappling with the cost-of-living crisis and food poverty.

Listen What Prabhdeep Singh Has To Say

In the Headlines: Prabhdeep Singh's Resolute Stand Against ULEZ

Why I'm going on HUNGER STRIKE to fight Sadiq Khan's ULEZ expansion and stand up for the common man


NO DRIVE TO EAT Army veteran goes on hunger strike over ULEZ expansion

@The Sun

Furious ULEZ protester on hunger strike admits mayor Sadiq Khan unlikely to change mind on pollution

Former Army worker on hunger strike over Sadiq Khan’s ‘dictatorial’ Ulez


Ex-Army officer holds hunger strike against ULEZ expansion outside Uxbridge Station


Army Veteran goes on Hunger Strike over ULEZ Expansion


Ulez hunger striker tells Sadiq Khan to ‘listen to the people’ as he launches protest in Uxbridge


Taking a Stand Prabhdeep Singh Hunger Strike Against Ulez Scheme


Army Veteran Launches Fightback With Hunger Strike Over Sadiq Khan's Hated ULEZ


Prabhdeep Singh On Getty Images


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