Phase 3 Mass Hunger Strike: Outside Sadiq Khan's Residence

From Solo to Solidarity: Continuing the Fight

Prabhdeep Singh’s lone protest in Phase 2 evolved into a powerful display of unity in Phase 3. During the weekend from September 29, 2023, to October 1, 2023, a transformative Mass Hunger Strike was organized by Prabhdeep Singh, with steadfast support from Kris Karn, outside Mr. Sadiq Khan’s residence in Tooting, London.

The Mass Hunger Strike marked a continuation of the resilient protest against the ULEZ expansion that began as a solitary effort. In Phase 3, Prabhdeep Singh found solidarity as five more individuals, including Nick Arlett, Marion, Leo NO ULEZ, Peter, and Navdeep Singh, actively joined the hunger strike. Together, they formed a formidable collective voice against the challenges posed by ULEZ.

Our Demands:

At Fight2Survive, we advocate for change that addresses the pressing issues faced by communities in the United Kingdom. Our demands are rooted in the pursuit of a fair and equitable society, where individuals and families can thrive without the burden of economic challenges


Affordable Living Policies:

We demand the implementation of comprehensive and sustainable policies that promote affordable living. This includes measures to address the cost of living crisis, such as fair pricing regulations, accessible housing solutions, and initiatives that alleviate financial burdens on households. Our aim is to create an environment where basic necessities are within reach for everyone, fostering a society where economic challenges are minimized.


Equitable Economic Support:

We advocate for equitable economic support that ensures a safety net for those facing financial hardships. This involves the development and enhancement of social welfare programs, unemployment benefits, and financial assistance initiatives. Our demand is to create a robust support system that safeguards the well-being of individuals and families during economic downturns, fostering resilience and reducing the impact of financial crises.


Transparent and Inclusive Governance:

We call for transparent and inclusive governance practices that actively involve the community in decision-making processes. This includes advocating for policies that address the concerns of the public, engaging in open dialogue with citizens, and fostering a collaborative approach to policy development. Our demand is for a governance framework that listens to the diverse voices of the population, ensuring that policies are fair, just, and representative of the needs of the people.

In the Headlines: Prabhdeep Singh's Resolute Stand Against Inflation

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Angry anti-ULEZ protesters set up camp outside Khan’s London home

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Angry motorists set up ULEZ protest outside Sadiq Khan's home

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Anti-ULEZ motorist set up ULEZ protest at Sadiq Khan’s home


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