Meet Navdeep Singh – Your Reform UK Candidate for Hornsey and Friern Barnet

About Navdeep Singh

“Hello, I’m Navdeep Singh, your Reform UK candidate for Hornsey and Friern Barnet. Our community is at a crossroads, and it’s time for real change. It’s time for reform.

I’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with Prabhdeep Singh during our ULEZ campaign at Uxbridge, fighting for the rights of everyday people. We organized this campaign to combat unfair policies and to give a voice to those who have been ignored for too long.”

“For seven sleepless nights, we protested together. I saw firsthand the struggles and the pain that our community endures due to rising costs of living, the unfair ULEZ charges, and increasing energy prices. These are not just statistics to me; they are the real-life challenges faced by our friends, families, and neighbors.

I feel the pain of the common people. I understand the frustration and the desperation that comes with trying to make ends meet in these tough economic times. This is why I am running for MP – to bring your concerns to the forefront and to fight for the changes we desperately need

Join The Fight

The current political landscape has failed us. Both the Conservatives and Labour have had their chances and have pushed us further into crisis. It’s time for a new approach. Reform UK is committed to addressing the real issues – from reducing the cost of living to ensuring fair policies that benefit everyone, not just the few.”


I am dedicated to making a difference. With your support, we can bring about the change we need. It’s time to take a stand. It’s time for reform. Together, we can build a better future for Hornsey and Friern Barnet.


Vote for Navdeep Singh – Reform UK Candidate for Hornsey and Friern Barnet. Join us in the fight for real change.