Phase 4: From Streets to Parliament

The Strategic Alliance with Reform UK

In recognition of our shared values and objectives, Fight2Survive has formed a strategic alliance with the Reform UK party. This partnership amplifies our ability to effect change, combining our grassroots vigor with a powerful political platform. Prabhdeep Singh’s candidacy for Feltham and Heston under the Reform UK banner is a testament to our united front against injustices and disparities affecting our community.

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Prabhdeep Singh's Candidacy and Vision

Prabhdeep Singh embodies the spirit and determination of Fight2Survive. His decision to run as the Reform UK Parliamentary Candidate for Feltham and Heston is a beacon of hope for all of us seeking tangible, lasting change. Prabhdeep’s deep-rooted connection with our community and his forward-looking vision are central to our collaborative mission with Reform UK.


To ensure the genuine representation of our community's voice within Parliament.


To counteract policies and practices that undermine the welfare and dignity of our people.


To foster a political environment rooted in empathy, equity, and effective leadership.


Mobilize the collective power of the community for effective change in governance


Advance the Fight2Survive movement from local protests to parliamentary progress.

In the Headlines: Prabhdeep Singh's Resolute Stand Against Inflation

HOUSE THAT Activists pitch tents outside Sadiq Khan’s London home to stage anti-ULEZ protest

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Angry anti-ULEZ protesters set up camp outside Khan’s London home

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Angry motorists set up ULEZ protest outside Sadiq Khan's home

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ULEZ protestors camp outside Sadiq Khan's home in fury at car tax


Anti-ULEZ motorist set up ULEZ protest at Sadiq Khan’s home


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