Phase 1 Hunger Strike: Fighting to Survive Inflation

Taking a Stand Against Soaring Inflation

In the face of skyrocketing inflation and the increasing burden it places on households across the UK, Fight2Survive has embarked on a bold mission to demand economic justice. Since early 2021, the cost of living has been on the rise, impacting the affordability of goods and services for ordinary citizens. In May 2022, the annual rate of inflation reached its highest level since 1982, leaving families struggling to make ends meet. Consumer prices, as measured by the Consumer Prices Index (CPI), surged by a staggering 9.1% compared to the previous year.

Our Demands:

As we take this stand to fight for survival against the crushing weight of inflation, we present our demands, rooted in the principles of fairness, equality, and economic relief for all.


Windfall Tax on Big Energy Bosses

It's time for accountability. We demand a windfall tax on the CEOs of energy companies who have reaped disproportionate profits while ordinary citizens bear the brunt of rising energy costs. This tax will contribute to addressing the financial strain on households and investing in sustainable energy solutions.


Immediate Relief: Releasing VAT from Fuel & Energy Bills

To provide swift and tangible relief to struggling families, we call for the release of VAT from fuel and energy bills. This move will alleviate financial pressure and offer immediate support to those grappling with mounting expenses.


Fair Wages for Essential Workers

The backbone of our nation relies on the hard work of railway workers, Post Office workers, BT, Openreach, and others. We demand an increase in the basic pay rate for these essential workers who contribute significantly to the country's functioning. Their demands should not be ignored.


We Are Not Non-Political

Though we may not hold political positions, we refuse to be dismissed as apolitical. Our actions reflect our commitment to advocating for the well-being of every citizen, free from the constraints of partisan agendas.


Change of Policies, Not Just Faces

Boris's resignation is not enough to address the pressing issues we face. We require a fundamental change of policies that prioritizes the interests of the people over political posturing.


Prioritize the People's Survival

It's time for the Tory government to redirect its attention. We urge the government to cease favoring oligarchies and, instead, to concentrate on securing the survival of everyday citizens.


Slash Energy Bills

In our pursuit of economic justice, we demand a reduction in energy bills. This reduction will ease the financial burden on households and contribute to a fairer distribution of resources.


End Food Poverty

No citizen should go hungry. We demand swift action to end food poverty, ensuring that everyone has access to nourishing meals and the basic necessities of life.

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